Ubi Sunt

These drawings are of hotel beds the morning after sleeping in them. They are drawn with the NeoLucida, a modern update to the 19th century camera lucida. The optical drawing aid uses a prism to overlay a ghost image of your subject over your paper for tracing.

Ubi Sunt (translated as “Where are they?”) is a poetic motif found especially in medieval Latin poems. By posing a series of questions about the fate of the strong, beautiful, or virtuous, these poems meditate on the transitory nature of life and the inevitability of death.

Series of 18 drawings
Pencil on paper
5.5" x 7"

Exhibited at "Ghostbusters, Les Chasseurs de Frantômes", Galerie Verney-Carron, Lyon, France.

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Barcelona, Spain. 2014
Barcelona, Spain. 2014 (Detail)
Venice, Italy. 2013
Venice, Italy. 2013 (Detail)
Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2013
Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2013 (Detail)
San Francisco, California. 2014
Saint Petersburg, Russia. 2014
Seattle, Washington. 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2013
Moscow, Russia. 2014
Milan, Italy. 2013
Graz, Austria. 2014
Hong Kong. 2014
Bergamo, Italy. 2013
Cambridge, Massachusetts. 2013
Ljubljana, Slovenia. 2014
Drawings installed at Galerie Verney-Carron, with bed for visitors to draw with a NeoLucida.