Here, There, Everywhere

In collaboration with Dan Moore and Addie Wagenknecht.

Finalist for permanent installation at House for Electronic Art, (HeK), Basel, Switzerland.

Here, There, Everywhere is a simple, analog matrix of interchangeable tiles which will act as fiducial markers (reference grid) for online Augmented Reality (known as “AR”) artwork. Augmented Reality places digital media (3D models, videos, animations, still images) into a live, real-time view from a mobile device’s camera. The technology uses precise optical alignments to “fix” a digital artifact to a physical object. It combines digital effects and physical reality through your phone or tablet. The grid at HeK will be a modifiable and adjustable set of markers as the anchor for equally variable digital works.

At HeK’s discretion, an artist or group of artists will propose a visual arrangement for the tiles to be seen on Freilager-Platz. This unique physical arrangement will correspond to a purely digital work to be experienced through a purpose-built Augmented Reality app. Passersby will see a pixelated message or graphic. Those who engage the work digitally will see surprising, cutting edge, amusing or poignant digital messages hidden in plain sight. Here, There, Everywhere represents contemporary digital culture’s paradoxical relationship to concepts of place. The installation is “here”: here at HeK, here in Basel, here in front of me. It is also seen and experienced across Freilager-Platz; it is “over there.” But it’s also in your phone, that magical portal to the digital ether, to the “everywhere.”

The grid is designed to receive pre-fabricated painted metal squares, 48x48cm, aligned with the grid. When desired, HeK can rearrange the tiles to make patterns, basic text, or simple graphics.
View from Freilager-Platz tram station. The inconspicuous HeK facade is central to the evolving master plan for an arts and culture hub for Basel.
The installation is a lightweight but rigid metal grid, custom fabricated to support fasteners at the grid intersection points. There are 294 total spaces, arranged 7 high and 42 wide.
App mockup, showing (clockwise from top left): Start page, Live view page with capture button to allow visitors to take a screenshot of their experience, Information page, and artist page allowing visitors to scroll through past and future projects.
Behind the installation visitors can interact with small-scale fiducial markers to explore a gallery of AR content