Message Board

The Waffle Shop is an interactive forum for public dialogue that combines a neighborhood restaurant with the production of a live online TV show directly on the premises.

At Waffle Shop, our customers are also our stars, as we film each night, inviting patrons to express their unique opinions and personalities. These recordings are streamed live through this website during our open hours, and then produced into episodes which are broadcast publicly 24 hours a day in the windows of the storefront, and made available through our online archive.

The existing billboard structure on the roof of the Waffle Shop provides the opportunity to post messages to the neighborhood. Rather than merely advertise, the rooftop Message Board will communicate with phrases and utterances heard in the Waffle Shop and nearby businesses. The system is a custom-made, interchangeable set of letters, making a live marquee that can change on demand. It is a large, analog Twitter account, driven by observations made at the Waffle Shop.

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The Waffle Shop, open for business
CNC Milling files for new letters
Ambient street lighting illuminates the white letters, making the phrase float in the sky as the billboard structure fades into the night sky.
The completed billboard above the Waffle Shop and the Conflict Kitchen.